Megan Chocolatehoney is a Sugar Rush Racer created by SmurfGirl10.

Background Information

Megan is a Sugar Rush Racer who loves to eat chocolate and honey! She is also a clumsy racer. She is a clumsy girl who walks into walls, slips on banana peels, always trips, and does all kinds of clumsy things. She is very sensitive and she can start crying if her kart is broken or if someone passes away or if someone teases her. Because of this she is teased by everyone except her friends. She is also saddened if someone gets hurt, someone loses someone they love, one of her toys get broken, and when one of her best friends pass away. Her kart is the Honey-Choc Twister. She is 13 years old. She loves racing and loves to hang out with her best friends.


Megan wears a chocolate-brown dress with honey for a belt, wears a chocolate hat with drizzles of honey on it, honey for ruffles on her dress, and chocolate-brown shoes with honey drizzles and buttons and straps on it. She sometimes carries a chocolate cupcake and a honey stick in her hand and sucks on the honey stick and eats the chocolate cupcake before racing.

Friends List

Vanellope von Schweetz

Voice Actor(s)

She would be voiced by Christina Applegate, who voiced Brittany Chipette in the Alvin & The Chipmunks movies.

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