Megumi Bubblegum is a very nice girl She is always seen chewing pink bubblegum her kart is bubblegum glider She likes hats and being cool she has a frenemy and she has a crush on Loliboy Pop.


Megumi Bubblegum: Sweet Racer

She is very nice and she is one of the best racers in Sugar Rush&She is Frenemies with Rasberrylina.


Her kart is the Bubblegum Glider That kart is fast like Rasberrylina's kart


  • Hi everyone
  • lets go to the diet cola mountain
  • lets go to Jubileena
  • at the mall * I will be so beautiful
  • Hi Crumbelina , you look...good
  • Loliboy Pop bumps on her because Gloyd is pushing him* Oh Hello there its nice to meet you I'm Megumi Bubblegum.
  • I think that boy has a crush on me
  • Hi Loliboy Pop wanna go out or something we can do just the 2 of us?
  • chewing her bubblegum* Hi Loliboy you want to eat at the Ice Cream Bar or go shopping in the mall?
  • Loliboy Pop kissed her in the cheek* *blushes* *her bubblegum pops on her mouth*Now thats cool


  • She is coolest racer in Sugar Rush
  • Her fans are pink bubblegum with pink hats
  • Her stand is pink and black.
  • Loliboy Pop has a crush on her
  • She is secretly inlove with Loliboy Pop

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