Megumi Satou is a new racer she is good at racing she is Japanese but she don't like wearing her kimono.


She wears brown sweater with white stripes she has brown eyes she has brown hair put into ponytail her hat is cake she wears red gloves she wears brown shoes with white slant on it she has brown skirt with cream


Cream on her head

She is known as the happiest girl she is good at cosplaying


  • I am really a Japanese I don't really like to wear my kimono ok!
  • Wow your good
  • Aya-Chan will be here just a minute
  • Me and Aya-Chan are cousins she said she will be here
  • Aya-Chan is Japanese too
  • Konnichiwa Minna
  • Oh thats right you cannot understand Japanese
  • Rasberrylina Nice to meet you
  • I am a Cosplayer


  • Her theme is Chocolate Pocky
  • Her friend is Aya-Chan
  • Some of the racers thinks that she is not Japanese because of her outfit
  • She has a Chocolate Pocky Sword
  • She speaks Japanese
  • When the racers heard her speaking Japanese Minty Sakura and the other Japanese racers understand it
  • She is not wearing Kimono
  • Her kart is called Cherry Blossom


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