"Stay Rainbowy!"
―Melissa's catchphrase
Melissa Gummy-Goober is Claire Gummy-Goober's younger sister. She is really cheeky and loves to annoy Strawbetty Muttonfudge. Her racing kart is called the Rainbow Drop. She used voiced by Sian Reese-
Melissa Gummy-Goober
Request - Melissa
Full Name

Melissa Elizabeth Gummy-Goober


Gummy Worm Jr. (by bullies)



Date of Birth

January 5th 2006


Claire Gummy-Goober, Shelly Gummy-Goober, Poppy Gummy-Goober (deceased), Jasper Gummy-Goober, Hope Gummy-Goober, Wendy Gummy-Goober, Alan Gummy-Goober Destiny Gummy-Goober, Chester (kind of)


Aaron Creamcakes (current) Freddie Cottine (previous) Ace Rainbowflipper (previous) Matthew Zaki (previous)


Fluffy Cottine Melody Von Schweetz Neophina Creamwich Pepster Von Schweetz Twister Von Schweetz Stevie Calippona Sandra Calipona Chewylina Em O'Nems Betsy Fang The Sniper Pesto Tiffany Muttonfudge Jawbreena Bananaby Yellowskins Rochelle Fluggerbutter Jordan Von Schweetz Goldy Charmlet Lolla Candieglazze

First Episode

A Sweet Start

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Sarah Lancaster (current) Sian-Reese Williams (previous)

Williams,but due to the start of Confectionery Queenz her voice actress got changed to Sarah Lancaster.


Melissa Gummy-Goober: Sweet as a cherry!

"Melissa Gummy-Goober, the one who is determined to beat Strawbetty Muttonfudge in a race, she wants to be a real sugar rush champion like her older sister Claire, Strawbetty insults her by calling her Gummy-Worm, Jr. but Melissa does not care, she will win a race, one day."

Theme song(s)

New Edition - Candy Girl (Lyrics)-003:38

New Edition - Candy Girl (Lyrics)-0

Fill My Little World by The Feeling Lyrics04:20

Fill My Little World by The Feeling Lyrics

Kylie Minogue - WOW03:19

Kylie Minogue - WOW

Relationships and friends

Claire Gummy-Goober: Melissa loves her big sister,but sometimes annoys her with her hyperactive moods,sometimes.They share a real sisters love and they will protect each other no matter what.

Hope Gummy-Goober: Melissa & Hope are really close and they spend adventures with each other,as sisters.Like Claire,Hope finds Melissa slightly hyper/annoying,but Hope loves her little sister for this.

Poppy Gummy-Goober: Melissa and Poppy got along really well,as Poppy always used to protect her and care for her little sister.After Poppy died,Melissa didn't really understand,what happened.

Floss Cottine: Melissa & Floss have a slow rivally and Floss always comments with Gummy-Worm Jr.,Melissa doesn't really care,as she finds their rivally really funny,while Floss is not amused by it.Floss seems to be unsure about Fluffy,being BFFs with Melissa,because of Floss' & Melissa's rivally towards each other.

Fluffy Cottine: Fluffy & Melissa are true BFFs.When Lexi,Samuel and Freddie bully Fluffy,Melissa is always there for her,no matter what.As,Fluffy desperately wants to be a bully,Melissa acts like she doesn't really care,when she actually does care.

Lexi Icebow

Crying in chocolate pudding by katiekane822-d7ki89m

By Katiekane882

When Melissa first arrived in Sibling Rush,Lexi and Melissa immediately became enemies.Lexi bullies Melissa quite alot,though Melissa just laughs it up,but behind closed doors it really bothers her.


Request - Chester

Chester by Sweet Eve.

Chester is Melissa's mirror reflection who was summoned up by Claire.Melissa and Freddie were dating and Claire didn't like Freddie at all,since he had a bullying history.Claire got soon really annoyed about Freddie and Melissa dating.So,when Melissa and Freddie went out on their date,Claire tried to think of a plan to break them up.Claire discovered a book on her book shelf,claiming the name Spells.Claire had no idea she had this book and decided to take a peek inside of it.Claire noticed a spell for Breaking up false uneeded relationships in silence.Claire decided this was her chance to save Melissa from a bad relationship.She did as the book told her to do and stood in front of a mirror and summoned the spell out of the book,the mirror spun and spun,until a figure identical to Melissa (Only with pale skin and grey eyes) jumped out of the mirror and spoke to Claire,because the company who made the mirror is called Chester,that is what the identical Melissa called herself.Chester is rude and snappy unlike Melissa and had a power to zap people into mirrors.Claire was unsure that this would help her breaking up Freddie and Melissa.Chester hated her rainbow hair and pink girly clothes (Melissa's apperance).So,she trashed Hope's bed room and stole some of her party clothes.Chester dyed her hair,ect. to stop looking like Melissa,this gave Chester a more darker apperance and exited Claire's house to destroy and stop Melissa.Claire was confused,when Growler arrived at the door and went off with Chester.Claire relised the spells book was a con book made by Growler to cause havock for Claire.Claire went out to save her sister from being transformed into her evil mirror reflection.



  • Melissa's New Year dress was Originally designed by Haliboot.
  • Her design was made by Sweet Eve.
  • She has an Arabic name: ميليسا غومي غوبإر (From English name).
  • In later 2014,Melissa,Fluffy Cottine,Melody Von Schweetz and Neophina Creamwich is going to have a giant upgrade and going to be formed into a series called Confectionery Queenz,which will be replacing the Sibling Rush Speedway (Series).


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Melissa Arco-íris From "arco-íris" (rainbow)
Russian Мелисса Радугадкий From "радуга" (rainbow) and "сладкий" (sweet)
French Bonbonna Coloréedeau From "bonbon" (candy or taffy) and "coloré" (colored)

メリッサ ガーミー・グーバー

Merissa gāmī gūbā

From English name


Award Year
N/A (Wasn't nominated) September 2013
TBC (No awards won so far) March 2014


Award Year
Best Fanon Character March 2014
Best Female Character March 2014


Award Year Votes
Best Fanon Character March 2014 5

Best Female Character

March 2014 3

Sibling Rush - Leader Votes

Votes Place Losing to... No. of votes to win
1 Second Melody Von Schweetz 2

Melissa was nominated in a competition of who should be leader of the Fanon game Sibling Rush on April 16, 2014 and is second and is losing to Melody Von Schweetz,who is winning with 3 votes.Results of the competition can be seen here.

Other Information

Melissa Emoticon

Emoticon by Sweet Eve.

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Very Important Notice

Hey,it's Melissa! Thanks for reading my page! I hope you enjoyed reading it! I need to ask you that,you please don't steal me,claim me as your own,hate on me or copy me.Please do not steal any of my art,people have made for me in my gallery.If you want to use me in any fanfictions,please ask my owner,Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD.Remember,you are not a true fan of me,if you steal from me.Thank you so much! And remember to stay rainbowy! 


By TangyPin

Thank you note!

Thanks for all of my fans and amazing artists,who took their time to make things for me.I want to credit the following Users for making my gallery sucessful with their amazing art:

  1. Wreck-ItEve105 (The amazing creator of Twister von Schweetz) who has drawn amazing chibi art of me.Thank you,Eve!
  2. Sugarrushfan2 (The awesome creator of Gelatina La Woppleton) who has drawn a cool picture of me wearing sunglasses.Thanks,Sugarrushfan2!
  3. RICHARD8bit (The cool creator of Cookiena Von Chocolaten) who has drawn some amazing drawings of me in my Halloween costume,Bonfire Night costume,ect.Thank you so much for helping me,Richard!
  4. Toffetia123 (The sweet creator of Vilomelka Sodapple) who has drawn some amazing scene drawings of me.Thank you so much!
  5. Haliboot (The awesome creator of Jelliot Gluzentin) who has drawn me many pictures of awesomeness.Thanks,Hali!
  6. Ami670 (The epic creator of Glitchy van Fauxacrid) who has drawn some super drawings and sketches of me.Thank you,Ami670!

More credits are to be added to this list! Don't see your name on here and have made some awesome art in my gallery? Don't panic! I will add you onto this list A.S.A.P!

Stay Rainbowy!

Personal banner for Melissa

By Aly Parris

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