"It's not the royalty,beauty and popularity that's the friends that care about you,which is important"
Melody Von Schweetz is Vanellope Von Schweetz younger sister.Melody is a tough rebel,but at the same she gets offended easilly.Her voice actress is Dakota Fanning.
Melody von Schweetz


Melody never ever really discuisses her feelings with anybody not even Vanellope.She hangs out with a mix of people and tries her best to choose what to do and not let any bullies get in her way,but this sometimes madly fails.

Theme song(s)

Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)05:27

Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)


Growler,Gloster's little sister.Is the main villian in The Sour Situation:17 Sweet Wishes,who tries to posses Melody and take over Sugar Rush.Growler first appeared when November Marscandy,the genie was first uploaded,and got stuck in the lanturn,by a gone-wrong spell.Growler met November and got kind-of friendly with her and became close friends with her.Soon,November's farther (the previous genie) passed down his genie powers to November,as it was a Marscandy family traddition.This meant November had to leave her home and live the lanturn,now shared with Growler.As,November's genie powers grew stronger,as November turned 13 she now had the power to grant finders 17 sweet wishes,making Growler feel powerless.November met many finders on her granting travels,and became best friends with them,making Growler jealous and cause trouble,turning the finders into bullies ect. November noticed Growler causing trouble,making November concered.Growler always fails possesing the finders,because she doesn't have as much power,as Gloster,so instead,she steals November's friends and convince them to wish that Growler could take over Sugar Rush,but before the finders can agree,November always snaps them out of it.Leaving,Growler super angry at November,for making her fail her task once again.The lanturn was found by Melody,while she was locked in the fungeon for setting fire to half of the castle,accidently.Melody rubs the dust off the lanturn,making November appear.Once Growler saw November had another finder,she was dertermend to win Melody over,before November could stop her.Growler makes friends with Melody,and when Melody got bullied by Strawbetty,Apozzer & Violet,Growler told Melody was a loser and began convincing Melody to bully,ect. to make other people suffer,for getting bullied herself.What Melody does not know is that Growler is making Melody wish for bad,with power to make Melody's code rot,and the more Melody's code rots the more Growler get's the power and the more Growler get's the power,making Melody's code rot-away,kiling Melody,so that Growler can posses her and take over Sugar Rush.


Growler's appearance


  • Her design was made by Sweet Eve.


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