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Melonie De Sweets

Melonie DE Sweets is a character created by Hatb123, she is part of Sugar Rush3. Melonie's signature kart is called the Melon Missile. Her candy theme is honeydue melons, and her best friends are Lemony Sour Sweets and Fudgella Caramel.

Official Bio

Not so perfect after all7

Unlike most other racers Melonie is a serious tomboy. She is very serious about everything that she does, she is especially serious about Lillypop AKA The Glitch of Sugar rush 3!!!! Her best friends Lemony and Fudgella work closely with Melonie, and all of the rest of the racers gang up on Lillypop, which is very unfortunate.


Melonie De Sweets is a 9 year old girl, she wears a melon hat, and a white shirt with melon slices on. Melonie wears a green blazer with black accents, she also wears green pants, with green and light yellow leg warmers with black shoes. Melonie has green hair and wears yellow earings.
986px-Sugar rush karts

The melon Missile

T H E   M E L O N   M I S S I L E   ------------------------------------------------------>

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