Loligirl Pop

Mimi Puffy Cream

Brittany Kit-Kat

Cream Ice Girl

Loliboy Pop

Pink Bubblegum

Rasberrylina Bing-Bing

Megumi Satou

Jubileena Bing-Bing



Its a beautiful day in Sugar Rush and there will be new racers.

  • at the house of Brittany Kit-Kat*

Cream Ice Girl: Hi Kit-Kat theres a big news we need to go to the starting line President Vanellope will announce it any minute.

Brittany Kit-Kit: Really then lets go lets just use our kart on the way there.

Cream Ice Girl:Ok!

  • At the starting line*

Vanellope:Hello fellow racers the big news is we have a new racers.

Loliboy Pop:Yay

Vanellope:Here is the new racers

Brittany Kit-Kat: *whispering to Cream Ice Girl* hmph new racers they are not good at racing.

Vanellope: Pls come here if I called your name Rasberrylina Bing-Bing

Rasberrylina:Hi my name is Rasberrylina Bing-Bing I am Jubileena's older sister.

Vanellope:Pink Bubblegum

Pink Bubblegum:Hi racers nice to meet you.

Vanellope:Megumi Satou

Megumi:Konnichiwa minna I mean Hi racers

Vanellope:Loligirl Pop 

Loligirl:Hi racers my name is Loligirl Pop I am Loliboy Pop's cousin

Britanny Kit-Kat:Loliboy Pop's cousin sheesh!

Cream Ice Girl:I know

Vanellope:and the last  Mimi Puffy Cream

Mimi:HI racers

Vanellope:Lets have our new racers a warm welcome.

Loliboy Pop:Loligirl Pop over here


Brittany:Oh look Loliboy have his cousin with him hahaha your a baby

Loliboy:I am not a baby come here.

Loligirl:Wait a minute I have something to say can Mimi Puffy Cream can live with us?


Loligirl:Mimi come here you can stay with us.


Brittany:Lets go to the Park

Cream Ice Girl:Sure

Chapter 3

Brittany:I changed my mind lets go to the Ice Cream Bar

Cream Ice Girl:Sure

  • At the Ice Cream Bar:

Waiter:What is your order?

Brittany:Chocolate with Gummy Bears and Sprinkles

Cream Ice Girl:Vanilla with sprinkles


  • Mimi Puffy Cream and Loligirl Pop entered the bar*

Loligirl:Lets sit there


Waiter:Hi little girls what do you want

Mimi:Vanilla with Gummybears

Loligirl:Chocolate with Sprinkles

Waiter: wait just a minute I will just serve this Ice Cream

Brittany:Finally our Ice Cream is here

Waiter:Here you go

Cream Ice Girl:Yummy

Waiter:Here you go little girls

Cream Ice Girl:Kit-Kat


Cream Ice Girl:Look there

Kit-Kat: They copied our toppings and flavor

Mimi:Hi racers 

Kit-Kat and Cream:Hi where are you heading

Mimi:I'm off to my house 

Loligirl:and I'm of to the junkyard

Cream:Why are you going to the Junkyard?

Loligirl:its a secret

Cream:hey Kit-Kat Loligirl will go to the Junkyard



  • Kit-Kat told her plan*

Cream Ice Girl:*smiles evily*

Chapter 4

  • Cream Ice Girl and Brittany Kit-Kat going to the junkyard*

Loligirl:Hi racers

Brittany:What is this junk?

Loligirl:Oh this its my kart 

Cream:Looks like a junk thers no engine

Loligirl:Its pedaled power

Brittany:hahahahaha how stupid is that

Cream:I agree with you Brittany

  • Both of them start destroying it* 

Loligirl:Stop it pls

Cream:Lets leave


Chapter 5


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