Miseria "Trojan" Devastacia is a fanon character.

Character's Bio

Miseria is the dark horse of Sugar Rush, She has been picked on a lot. She was bullied by the racers, especially Taffyta. One day she went to King Candy's Castle and ask for anything that could change her. Then King Candy gave her a potion. She drank it and fell asleep and by the time she woke up, she was on Diet cola mountain. When she picked up a shard of glass and saw her reflection, she was shocked and amazed by her looks. After that, she became evil, discovered her power given by the potion, and gained the ability to teleport.


She was based on the words Misery and Devastation.


  • Her real name was Misty Dippersweets.



  • Amuma


    The Karmaggedon


  • (N/Y)


  1. Handling - 95%
  2. Candy Coating - 85%
  3. Speed - 90%
  4. Sweetness - 5%


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