Coffe girl

Another adorable and refined character is in Sugar Rush. Friend of Vanellope and sister of Ice Brownkers. Her candies themes are Moccacinos and Chocolates. Her kart signature is the Eclarikart. She's the new character in Sugar Rush Universe. 


A new racer is in the area!

She has a good "taste" about candies styles. To her, the world isn't to fast or to slow.


  • Speed: 50%
  • Sweetness: 60%
  • Handling: 85%
  • Special Power: Lollipop Hammer


  • By her italian candy theme, she's cousin of Crumbelina Di Caramello.
  • Mocca's original name was "Cappucinnamon Kokolatte".
  • She has more than 3 karts.
  • Her fans are caramel wraps.
  • Her plush is cocoa scented.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning

モカークレア キャラメラッテ

Mokākurea Kyarameratte

From English name
Polish Chałwa Cukierkka From "kawa" (coffee) and "cukierki" (candy)
Russian Маслегкия Кармеллю From "мягкий" (soft) and "карамель" (caramel)
Swedish Kåffeena Göndten From "kaffe" means "coffee" and "godis" means "candy"

Sokoläänam Nësttetäämi

From "suklaa" means "chocolate" and "nestettä" means "liquid"
Bulgarian Пандишккам Кокоавен

"пандишпан" means "sponge cake" and "какао" means "cocoa"

Dutch Baeketta Mokkary "beker" means "cup" and "mokka" means "mocha"


Drikkær Kåffæholdøggen "drikke" means "to drink" and "koffeinholdige" means "caffeinated"

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