Mr. Litwak as he appears in Wreck-It Ralph

Mr. Larry Litwak is the owner of the arcade that all the games are in. He has owned the arcade from when it was first started. Mr. Litwak controls what games are plugged in and what games are unplugged.

He is seen wearing brown pants with a white and black striped shirt, not unlike a referee's shirt, as well as a quarter dispenser attached to his belt. He wears glasses and has gray hair and a mustache. Mr. Litwak gives quarters back to people who put one in a game that doesn't work and maintains the arcade. It is assumed that he is one of the only people who works there, and he closes and opens the arcade every day.


  • Mr. Litwak's appearance and attire is a homage to Walter Day, the veteran video game referee and founder of Twin Galaxies.
  • He appears in all Wreck-It Ralph films.
  • In the third season of Wrecking The Big Show, he is the only human that was threatened by the Judgment Cyber after he discovered that the screen shows a graphical image from the Cyber Justice Dept.