Created by Sky

"I don't mind losing every now and then, I race because I love it!"
Neapolianne Creamcone
Game Sugar Rush
Last known status Alive
Pictures of Neapolianne Creamcone

Neapolianne Creamcone is an unlockable character in Sugar Rush, She is an eleven-year-old racer who was programmed to be based off of the delicious frozen treat Neapolitan Ice Cream. She doesn't have many friends due to being shy. Her signature kart is the Bona-tart

Official Bio

Neapolianne Creamcone; Triple Fun

Sweet, shy and funny, Neapolianne is all three! She not only is good at racing but she also is a great friend who'll help anyone out when she gets the chance. She enjoys the cold more than the heat so she's mainly found near the Ice cream caves just jammin' out to her favorite songs.

Personal Information

Name: Neapolianne Creamcone.

Aliases: N/A.

Age: 11.

Gender: Female.

Occupation: [Unlockable] Racer.

Game: Sugar Rush

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)

Likes: Strawberries, Chocolate, Vanilla, Racing, Making Friends, Parties, Vanellope and the other racers (as friends).

Dislikes: Bullies, Cussing, Mint ice cream, Being insulted, Failing, Rude people.

Theme Song(s): N/A.

Social Information

Best Friend(s):

  • None (at the moment)


  • None (at the moment)


  • Minty Sakura, due to her hatred towards mint ice cream, her and Minty do not get along.

Love Interest(s):

  • None (at the moment)


Neapolianne was programmed to be themed as the delicious frozen treat Neapolitan Ice Cream.




Character was indeed designed by me, but the base I used for it is here


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