Nicola Sodabubble
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Nicola Sodabubble is a fanon Sugar Rush created by Sugarrushfan2 .

She is Fiz Sodabubble's little sister . She is a deuteragonist of the fan-fiction, The Search For The Sugary Orbs.

Her Theme is Cola and Cola based sweets and her kart is the Cola Can Cruiser.

Her new design was created by Little miss sweets.


Nicola Sodabubble : The Bubbly Girl

Sassy, witty Nicola is the smart , mischeivous little girl who is able trick people and get what she desires. She's also very curious and loves trying new things.

She is a girl who sometimes likes to hangout with her sister despite her independent nature .

Her independent nature is even shown on the race track , she won't make things easy for other racers.


Nicola is very independant and is unhappy with Fiz's supervision , leading her to run off and do her own things , which often means she gets lost , but she is also kind hearted and supportive . As mention before she does like to hang out with Fiz , despite her independent nature .

She can also be a little bit sassy from time to time and isn't afraid to teach bullies and racers who have wronged her a lesson.


  • Her name mentions her theme , Cola .
  • A nickname for her and Fiz is the Sodabubble Sisters.
  • She is a contestant in Total Drama Sugar Rush.
  • She also formed an alliance in TDSR with her sister and Annie Jaubreaker.
  • She is seen mostly around Fiz , Coco , Gelatina and Ginger.
  • She is the youngest out of her friends, only being 10.