Niki Licorice

Niki Licorice is a bully in Sugar Rush.


Niki Licorice:Mean,Bossy and Proud Niki is mean and bossy she is really proud of herself because her friend is Lara Cherrylita and Taffyta.


Niki is a mean girl because she always fights with Bubbly Tea because she is known to be strong she is bossy because she always bosses around.


  • OMG! Bubbly your voice was likes wow!
  • Hahahaha! look at you
  • Bubbly and Adorabeezle are just like you know weird!
  • Like what!


  • Her name should be Licorita Licorice the created changed it because she thinks she is copying someone's fanon racer.
  • Her personality are like the personality of Jubileena Bing-Bing11.
  • Her name Niki came from Yukihide's nickname.


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