Nitra Human

Nitra's appearance


Nitra is Turbo's daughter made from coding. She has no game, but resides in an empty game cabinet found in a secret corner of Game Central Station. She strives to become a great racer, but the only practice she has is from her father.


Turbo stumbled upon an abandoned corner of Game Central Station, finding an empty game cabinet. He added in coding, like he did for King Candy's rouse, and as a result, he was able to create other characters. Turbo created Nitra and named her as his daughter. Nitra worries for her father, his many ideas to do with the game cabinets are mostly evil, and plot for revenge.


Like her father, Nitra has light gray skin. She has raven hair with a red streak down it as well. Turbo made her suit like his, but changed it so she will be more unique. She has no irises, and has the same yellow-like in her eyes glow as Turbo.


Nitra is kind, at least she tries to be with her father and her brother breathing down her neck. Nitra is determined, at times shy, and loving.


Other than her father, Turbo, she has a brother always being obnoxious to her. They don't get along well, but she loves her brother to death. Her brother's name is Braker.


She is a good racer, she can also run like a speed-demon, making both Turbo and Braker surprisingly jealous. She also has a vast knowledge of coding, being that Turbo is her father of course.


Nitra secretly sneaks out of the 'game' to go visit other games. She goes out disguised as a waitress from Tapper's so she will blend in.

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