Nurse Pepper is a racer in Treat Zoomway,she is also the nurse in Treat Zoomway which helps the other racers if they have gotten injured in a race.
Nurse Pepper

By Sweet Eve.

About Nurse Pepper

Nurse Pepper is one of the most normal and mature racers in Treat Zoomway,she is kind and tends to put up with bully-rudeness.Her only rival is Creamila Freeze but that's about it really. She is a kind and cheerful Treat Zoomway racer,she tends to be the victim of quite a lot of bullying, but she just laughs and makes up little funny jokes about it.



  • She was originally going to be called Dr.Pepperetta.
  • Her original personality was going to be bossy.
  • In the discountinued fanfiction,The secret of Candy Hollow,she was Originally a racer in Candy Hollow and Sugar Rush Speedway.

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