Nutterly is racer with a big boost of determination and creativity. She also represents the "with Nuts!" fans. Her theme is based in all types of candies that have nuts. Her kart signature is the Crunchy Kart. She is probably one of Nougetsia's cousins. 


Nutterly is a creative and compassionate girl , she is known for creating different types of arts such as track designs , clothing , karts , even some buildings. She's even partners with Skitty Berrybow.

She is famous on the race, by her special attacks, the "Sour Puddle" and "Sticky Cream". Despite that fact she doesn't race everyday , she's a great racer and is always ready for a challenge.


  • Some fans believe that Nutterly is a boy by her name
  • Actually, "Nutterly" is a combination of "nut" and "Beverly"
  • Her plush is nut or chocolate scented, she is one of the characters that have assorted essences.
  • Her real fans are antropomorphic hazelnuts and nuts.
  • Toffetia originally owned Nutterly but was adopted by Sugarrushfan2.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Pähkinäpää From "pähkinä" (nut)
Dutch Moelara From "moer" (nut)
Brazilian Portuguese Nozzerly  From original "Nutterly" and "noz" (nut)



From English name

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