Orangela Seedpippy is a Fanon Sugar Rush racer created  by

She is an orange recolour of Taffyta Muttonfudge.

Her theme is orange flavoured lollipops and hard candy and her kart is the Orange Lightning.


Orangela is very friendly and sweet racer , she's very forgiving and understanding who always tries her best in order to achieve her goals.

She is a little bit sassy and cheeky though and also has a bit of an temper and is easily angered.

Most of her friends are the recolours but she does have a few non - recoloured friends too.

She adores Taffyta , and would anything to have racing skills like her's , however due to her being  brash and arrogant towards some of the racers , Orangela tends keeps her distance.


Orangela Seedpippy ; Juicy Stuff

She may be a recolour but she doesn't care .

Orangela acts as the leader of the recolours , she tends to hang out with her bestie Applaina Juicelle , when she's not racing as she believes there's nothing more fun than being with your friends . Though she is often sweet and caring , it's not advised to mess with her or her friends as she has a fiery attitude and would not be afraid to use it if required to , but she tries not to act arrogant or rude.


  • Her name is a mix of Orange and Angela.
  • She is a protaginst in the fanfic , The Island Of The Recolours.
  • As she is a recoloured Taffyta , credit goes to Disney.
  • Her main art is by Wreck-ItEve105.
  • She was originally going to be called Tanyarine (supposed to sound like tangerine) , but was changed to Orangela for unknown reasons.


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