Orangina current design

Orangina is one of the newest racers that came to Sugar Rush, she along with Twizzer and Jawson are considered a Sour Patch.


While she is very smart and very polite, nobody likes her because she hangs out with Twizzer and Jawson.

Driving skills

Orangina can make a lot of things that other racers can't do, she has an perfect handling and is very fast which is a replacment for her low sweetness.



  • Her name is based on a soda juice called Orangina.
  • She was originally a redesign for another character named Jenny Chupa-Chups.
  • She is a part of project called Sugar Rush Highway.
  • Her, Twizzer's and Jawson's concept is based on a Canadian show called Ed Edd n Eddy.

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