"Oh come on Rumbellah,will you play with me?"
―Orea asking Rumbellah to play tag with her.
Orea Chocomunch
Orea redesign
Some attributes
First Girl
Second Racer
Third Sweet
Other attributes
Fourth Speed: 50%

Handling: 50% Sweetness: 100%

Her sweet attitude won the hearts of the Sugar Rush racers over, except for Rumbellah Popperah , who thinks it is a ploy.


Orea has the personality of a princess, as she is almost always happy and ready to help her friends, of course this doesn't go without a song number. She can even put a smile on anyone's face, including bad guys. Rumbellah, however, doesn't see it this way, and believes the nice routine is a farce, covering up plans to reprogram the game's code like Turbo did, and make herself Queen. Orea however, deny's this and tries showing Rumbellah how good she actually is. In fact the only reason she's in the all sorts is because the All-sorts like her.

Total Drama Sugar Rush

In TDSR 2, Orea acts like the others of her team to prevent herself from being a lesser of her team and being made fun of. She will do this several times throughout the series.

Realationships with the other all-sorts


Rumbellah Dislikes Orea, and she treats her rather badly. Rumbellah believes Orea's sweet act is only a ruse, and wishes to reprogram the game, turning herself into a princess and Vanellope back into a glitch. In truth, Orea simply tries showing her that she is good instead of mean.


These two re-colors really like eachother, which surprises other racers, as the two have opposing attitudes. Orea tries helping Borovnika in all her experiments and is bound to get on Borovnika's nerves at times,nevertheless she still likes her.


While they are on good standards,ButterfingerZ mostly uses Orea to know about Nougetsia more.


  • Orea's colors are actually based on Nougetsia's incorrect picture we see on the jumbotron during the royal raceway scene.
  • Like Nougetsia,Orea has a little bit differen't design then Adorabeezle. Like Nougetsia she doesn't have the American flag on her shirt and unlike the two,she doesn't have a braid.
  • She get's bullied by Rumbellah,but she doesn't really seem to notice it. Orea calls it a friendly punch.
  • She,Rumbellah,Borovnika and ButterfingerZ made a gang called The all-sorts
  • Her colors were changed after time, due to this the pictures in the gallery don't have the same color as the current Orea does.
  • She represents oreo
  • Her fans are the oreo guards
  • She has a russian name too:"Ореа Шокомунч"


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