Crumbelina pinke

Oreoga is more than a good racer, she is a spy. Her hobbies are spy the other racers, because she wants to know best ways to win the other racers. Her candy themes are Oreos, Candy Canes and Marshmallows. Her kart signature is the Shpark Kannon.  


Oreoga: An Infinite Boost of Determination

She is one of the best racers in Sugar Rush. When she has a free time, she likes to make new music to her band:"The S-U Gars". No one can handle this girl, she is very proud. She also loves astronomy and archeology. She has the highest grades in "History" in the Sugar School.


  • Speed: 100%
  • Sweetness: 50%
  • Handling: 30%
  • Special Power: Mixed Essence


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Полосасный Шокколатис From "полосы" (stripes) united "красный" (red) and "шоколад" (chocolate)

オレオガ キェンディー ケンー

Oreoga kyendī ken̄

From English name
French Oreoga Crèeme Bisceaût From "Crème" (cream) and "Biscuit" (cookie) united "Gateaû" (cake)
Finnish Purskellää Karkunnen From "pureskella" (to chew) and "karkku" (cake)


  • She has a different name, but she is Crumbelina's sister and Moccaclair's sister too.
  • She has more than 6 trophies, but she wants to win more.
  • She is another recolor of Crumbelina.