P Magnum 2
"No one knows my true resistance of mankind, but you could not resist and your doom is yours."

P Magnum (also known as Phantom Magnum) is a mysterious detective who was formerly partnered by Grip and became rival in Cyber Hero: Grip Force.

In Wrecking Show!, he is a primary villain who creates false reports to the Sugar Rush racers.

He dies before the events of Wrecking the Big Show, but he revives himself in Wrecking Heroes.


P Magnum: The Mysterious Masked Detective


  • During the events in Wrecking Show!, he was a chief of the Cyber Detective Agency when Holt and Chazz was a rookie cop.
  • He doesn't have a star in his badge because he got suspended and removed his title as a police chief for some reasons.
  • He briefly seen in the ending of Wreck-it Ralph 2, but he appears as a cloaked cybernoid with his mask on it.
  • His mask's design resembles one of the protagonists from Castle Crashers.


  • "You could not resist"
  • 'No sense that make sense, but you blew it."


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