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Official Bio

Pamellope Pon Szheets: Peppermint In The Sunshine

Pamellope is a young kiddo with a big heart. She is sad untill Kicica Koliko   met her. They stayed friends till they met Gloyd. Now that she's not alone, with 17 racers to be friends with, she is a peice of peppermint in the sunshine.


Pamellope is a girl with fair skin, brown hair, green hoodie and unmached leggings.One of them is striped white and green, the other one with a pink thin line in the middle of each white stripes.She wears a red mini double decker muffin skirt, and red boots with soles patterened with red buttercream icing. She seems to repersent peppermint rock, choco sprinkles, Her hair is tied with licorice, and she has a touch of lip gloss.


  • Hey, Im no gitch, you stinkhead.
  • Farrabelle? Vanellope, its Sour Bill.
  • Hey Flania,lets hang out at Tappers'.
  • There is no way, I am in a picture with Rancis.

    Insert non-formatted text here

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