Paranormal Cyber
"Who you gonna call! It's time to bustin' out of ghosts"

Paranormal Cyber is a cybernoid who specialized ghost hunting. He is also commanded by Vanellope during ghost hunt mission with Cyber Guy.


Paranormal Cyber: The Ghost Hunting machine


  • His appearance was inspired by Ghostbusters.
  • He was mentioned in Wreck This Show! episode "Candycorn Ambush" then he has a cameo appearance in "Old Content, New Monarc" as one of the heroes who save the arcade.
  • He has his own arcade game at Litwaks called "Paranormal Squad", a parody of The Real Ghostbusters arcade game.
  • His quote is referenced to Ghostbusters theme song.
  • His uniform color will be either deep blue or navy blue rather than tan.
  • In Sugar Rush: Good Night Sleep Tight Racers, he saves both Gloyd and Pac-Man from Clyde then he sucked up the remaining lemondrops and gumdrops.
  • He is referred as "Ghost Buster" which is referenced to Ghostbusters.



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