PepperLina Fizzypop
PepperLina redesing
Some attributes
First Female
Second Racer
Third Sour
Other attributes

PepperLina Fizzypop is PepperTina Fizzypop's younger sister. She is a bully, unlike her older sister. She's very mean.

Her and her sister

PepperLina is always getting told by PepperTina to stop bullying people, but PepperLina does not care, she just loves bullying other people,weather it is pushing them in chocolate puddles or playing with the parts of their kart, she always has time for bullying.

Realationship with Berleena

Due to her being a recolor she is her main target. PepperLina is always trying to find a way to prank Berleena and there is nobody stopping her, other then PepperTina of course.

Realationship with the other racers

Like mentioned, PepperLina is known for bullying so she doesn't get along with the racers. Even the other bullies find her annoying.


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