PepperTina Fizzypop
Some attributes
First Female
Second Racer
Third Good guy
Other attributes

PepperTina Fizzypop is a secret racer that Taffyta and Crumbelina found in the Candy Cane Forest. She's a very energetic girl who really doesn't care what place she's gonna be at the end of the race.

Relationship with the other racers

PepperTina's best friend so far seems to be Sticky Wipplesnit. She saved her once from drowning in nesquick sand and due to this they became friends. It seems that PepperTina is quite the opposite of Sticky. While Sticky's quiet and easily frightened, PepperTina is loud and very brave. Her relationship with the other racers is pretty good though. It seems the only racer she doesn't like is Gloyd, who pranked her once.

Berleena Frostycup

Berleena is PepperTina's palette swap and her cousin at that. She was added not so long time ago after PepperTina first showed up, she likes to hang out with the other recolors and is the part of their recolor club. She has a sassy friendship with PepperTina. She's very sassy and a hothead at that, she can get angry very easy and isn't a type of palette swap you should bully.

PepperLina Fizzypop

PepperLina is PepperTina's younger sister. PepperLina is always getting told by PepperTina to stop bullying people, but PepperLina does not care, she just loves bullying other people, whether it is pushing them in chocolate puddles or anything else.


  • She will appear in Sugar Rush: New Generation.
  • She has an Australian accent.
  • She is very close to the Sniper from Team Fortress 2.