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Some attributes
First Male
Second Warlock (formerly), Demon
Third Scientist
Other attributes
Fourth Insane
Fifth Unknown
Sixth Unknown
 Peter is a character made by Pikachu4807. He is an immortal demon.


Peter was born in England, living his life as a warlock since he was a boy. He discovered his powers when he turned his father into a dragon by mistake. Soon after, Peter had learned to study and master the magic of the dark arts. Until one day when he was 15, he risked his life to save Ellen from a demon attack, turning him into a demon forever after he was injected with demon venom.

He was then locked up in an asylum by the Hemlock Academy for 20 years, until he escaped. Soon, he married Ellen and he then only discovered that he had a daughter, Piper. But after many years, he had to divorce, protecting the family from harm. He now live's with Piper in the dark forest, training her to this day.


Peter is in the game Conquest 2.4.


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