peter-PB jarso is a fan character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher, he is a character in the game sugar rush. his theme is peaunt butter and his kart is the peanut butter-surprise


peter-PB is a young boy with fair skin and grey eyes, he has bright golden yellow hair. he wears a brownish gold yellow sleevless shirt with a big white stripe across it with the letters 'PB' on it, he wears bright yellow trousers and grey shoes with brownish gold yellow splats on them. he also wears a peanut butter jar as a hat that says 'peanut butter' on it.

while racing, he wears a brownish gold yellow helmet with a white stripe on it with a bright red visor.

kart: the peanut butter-surprise

the peanut butter-surprise is a square piece of dark chocolate covered with peanut butter, the wheels are white chocolate buttons and has a spoon as the seat.


  • his name was oringianlly 'pean-bustle' but was changed
  • he has a twin brother called johny-J jarso
  • he and his brother have a saying which is 'its peanut butter jelly time!'
  • he likes things neat, clean and tidy

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