Some attributes
First Racer
Second Female
Third Human
Other attributes
Fourth Sugar Rush Racer
Fifth Unknown
Sixth Unknown

Pika is a racer in Sugar Rush. She was once a human, but she was sucked into Game Central Station. So, Pika now lives in Sugar Rush with the other racers.

Life in Sugar Rush

Life in Sugar Rush was hard for Pika, as she had nobody to turn to other than the racers and their king. By this time, Vanellope was still a glitch, and as the glitch was thrown into the fungeon, Pika helped her escape without King Candy noticing. Taffyta was jealous of Pika's racing skills and was determined to defeat her, but alas, she failed.

Afterwords, Taffyta and the other racers respected Pika. As a result, King Candy challenged Pika to a race with the other Sugar Rush racers if she would ever want to live with them forever, in this case, she had to win.


Pika's kart is the Electric Lightning, made by electricity and sweets.


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