Pinky Raspaberrytaste is a new racer from Sugar Rush and one of Blackytta Blackcurranttaste's friend. Pinky's theme is raspberry and strawberry ice cream. She is similliar to Vanellope Von Schweetz and friends with her. Her hair is black, but highlighted to pink. Her hoodie and her socks are also pink. Her shoes are highlighted just like her hair. Her racing kart is the Strawcandy Kart.
Pinky Raspaberrytaste

Pinky Raspaberrytaste

She and Blackytta are friends, but she friends the game rulers more than single friends only. She likes ice cream, but she is not so frozen like a frozen girl such as Adorabeezle Winterpop, Nougetsia Brumblestain, and Snowanna Rainbeau. Pinky is sweet like Vanellope.



  • She and Blackytta are created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • PicMonkey program was used to design her.
  • She, Blackytta, and the other recolors are the only racers that doesn't have additional outfit styles or hairstyles. The only racers who has additional makeups are the other characters of VanellopeVonSchweetzFan that's designed using paint.

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