She is a racer within the game Sugar Rush. Her candy theme is Pixy Stix, her kart is the Powder Racer. She is introduced in Wreck-It Ralph 2 with Spenserve Frozenfudge, Sweetums HardenTart, Sizzle Fryer, Chiplie Cookiedough, Hersha McChocolate, and Marsla Colorbottom.


Pixla Powderdust: Stix Of Racing

"Pixla Powderdust is a sweet girl, and her smile can tell it. The only thing is that she can trick you, she is a good racer, and one who would stop at nothing to win."


She is a younge, small girl with purple hair that is in a short pony tail. Her eyes are purple. She weras a purple visor with white accents, a purple skirt, purple legginsm purple shoes with white soles. She also wears a purple Pixy Stix headband. When racing she weras a purple racing helmet with the Pixy Stix head band.


  • Her catchphrase is, "Eat My Dust!"
  • Her power-up is a Dust Bump, a pile of powder that causes races to spin out when they hit it.
  • Her kart is a purple Pixy Stix with purple Pixy Stix wrapped to a circle.