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The Journey Begins Prepare for Battle

PokéFriends is the second episode of Adventures in Sugar Rush.


One more normal day in Sugar Rush. It was 02:46 PM, and Twister was training with her Snivy in the castle gardens.

Vanellope: Twister! Come here please.

Twister: I'm coming!

Twister walks in the castle. Vanellope was talking with Felix and someone that seemed to look like a Felix recolor.

Felix: Oh, hi Twister!

Vanellope: Twister, i want you to meet Brady. He's Felix's son.

Twister: Hi! Nice to meet you, Brady!

Brady: Hello Twister. Nice to meet you too!

Felix: Brady recently got his first Pokémon, which is a Rattata. I had a Rattata when i was a kid too, so i thought my soon could have one as well!

Vanellope: Pretty cool! Twister also has now her first Pokémon, which is a Snivy she got from Professor Pepper.

Felix: I know about that. That is actually why i'm here!

Vanellope: Really?

Felix: I remember that when i was a kid i went on a journey with Turbo and Ralph. Oh between, in that time, Turbo was not evil. Anyways, what i mean is, i think that your sister and my son could go on a journey together.

Vanellope: Oh, great idea! What do you think, Twister?

Twister: Nyeh, fine.

Felix: What about you, Brady?

Brady: Sure!

Vanellope: Well, i think we should leave them by now to let them meet each other better. Let's go, Felix!

Felix and Vanellope walked off, leaving Brady and Twister alone.

Twister: So, what do you like to do?

Brady: Watch Pokémon battles, read, and fix things. What about you?

Twister: Race, Pokémon and being adorable!

Brady and Twister looked at each other a giggled for a little bit.

Twister: So, wanna battle?

Brady: Oh, sure!

Twister jumps up and grabs her Pokéball. Then throws her Pokéball in the air.

Twister: Go Snivy!

The Pokéball opens as Snivy get's out of its Pokéball.

Snivy: Sniivy!

Brady throws his Pokéball in the air as well, as a Rattata get's out of the Pokéball.

Brady: I choose you, Rattata!

Rattata: Rattata!

Twister: Snivy use Tackle!

Snivy quickly starts running into Rattata's direction´ready to hit the mouse Pokémon.

Brady: Rattata dodge!

Rattata quickly jumps out of the way, as Snivy hits the ground and falls down, but get's up with a jump.

Brady: Ok Rattata, uise Quick Attack!

Rattata quickly jumps in Snivy's direction hiting the grass snake Pokémon.

Twister: Snivy! You ok?!

Snivy slowly begins to get up.

Snivy: Snivy!

Snivy smiled at Twister, and prepared to battle.

Twister: Ok Snivy, use Vine Whip!

Brady: Rattata look out!

Snivy began whipping the Rattata with its vines.

Twister: And now, use Tackle!

Brady: Rattata dodge!

Snivy began to run in the Rattata's direction, this time, hiting the mouse Pokémon.

Brady: No! Rattata!

Rattata layed there, motionless.

Brady: Return, Rattata!

Rattata returns to its Pokéball. 

Twister: Great battle! You did amazing!

Brady: Thanks, you too! You are very good!

Twister: Thank you!

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