Poppy Gummy-Goober is Claire Gummy-Goober's younger sister and Melissa Gummy-Goober's older sister.She is
Request - Poppy
quiet,but once you make friends with her,she is an awesome friend and she is always happy.

The legened

Years a go,before Melissa was even uploaded,Poppy was just a normal racer and was dating Francis Rainbowflipper's younger brother Ace Rainbowflipper,but then something terrible happened.Poppy and Ace were having a romantic stroll near the chocolate river,but then Fantasmicia Orangey turned up and swept Poppy off her feet into the chocolate river,Poppy can not really swim that well and she is drowning,Ace reaches out to save her,but falls in with her,as they drown.

Years later,Melissa has dreams about the ghost of Poppy standing in her bed room asking her for some help,Melissa get's scared.Claire also has dreams about Poppy.

But in the end,Poppy and Ace's code get's regenerate and they become real racers again.


  • Her design was made by Wreck-ItEve105.


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