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PokéFriends Colapop Town

Prepare for Battle is the third episode of Adventures in Sugar Rush.


It was a very sunny morning in Sugar Rush. For some reason, the castle was very bustling.

Vanellope: Are you really sure you want to go?

Twister: I've already said yes million times, Vanellope!

Felix: Bye son! Take good care of Twister!

Brady: I will, dad!

Sour Bill: Alright, everything's ready.

Vanellope: Ok, i just need to know one thing..

Twister: Yes?

Vanellope: Promise me you will catch alot of Pokémons!

Twister: I'll catch alot of Pokémons, i promise!

Brady: Ok, let's go!

Twister and Brady slowly walk off into the sunshine. Felix, Vanellope, Sour Bill and many others waved at them.

Later in Route 3.

Brady: Oh look! A Pidgey!

Twister: Look out Brady!

Brady slowly walked into the Pidgey. Suddenly, alot of Pidgeys started to get out of a bush.

Brady: Holy-!

Twister: AAHHH!

Brady grabbed Twister's hand and runned away with her.

Twister: They're coming again!

Brady: There's only one way!

Twister and Brady looked at each other and smiled. Both threw a Pokéball in the air.

Twister: Go Snivy!

Brady: I choose you Rattata!

Snivy and Rattata got out of their Pokéballs.

Snivy: Sniiivy!

Rattata: Rattata!

The Pidgeys started to fly up and get ready to battle.

Twister: Snivy use Vine Whip!

Snivy began whipping the Pidgeys with its vines.

Brady: Rattata use Tackle!

Rattata ran into the Pidgeys' direction, jumped and hited many of them with its body.

Many of the Pidgeys started to fall to the ground motionless, other flyed away.

Twister: Yay! We did it!

Brady: We're a great team!

Twister: So, what do we do now?

Brady: Let's head to Colapop Town! I want to defeat the Gym Leader.

Twister: Me too! I also heard that there are alot of cool Pokémons there!

Brady: Really? I hope to catch a Pokémon!

Brady and Twister walk off talking.

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