Pumpcherry Raingum or just "Cherreene" is a colorful girl with a colorful personality and flavor. She is a racer, but she loves meteorology, specially sunny and snowy days. Her candy themes are pumpkins, cherries, gumdrops and rainbow straps and her kart signature is the "Pumpkart Rushbow". This character has been created by the user Toffetia123. 


Cherreene is also a "party girl". She gives more than 3 party per weeks. She is a big box of informations too, mainly, informations about the weather. She climbs the tallest tree in the Candy Cane Forest, only to see the weather, if it's gonna be sunny or rainy. 

She posts videos in the Yogurtube, about techniques to how to win the Race. 


  • Speed: 60%
  • Sweetness: 90%
  • Handling: 75%
  • Special Power: Cherry Bombs


  • Her fans are antropomorphic little pumpkins.
  • Her plush is pumpkin scented.
  • Snowanna is her cousin.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Satenkäärina Kirsikarkunnen From "sateenkaari" (rainbow) and "kirsikka" (cherry)
Brazilian Portuguese Abóboreja Arco-Juba From "abóbora" (pumpkin) united with "cereja" (cherry) and " arco-íris" (rainbow) united with "jujuba" (gumdrop)
French Coloréena Jujubéete From "colorée" (colorful) and "jujube" (gumdrop) 

パンプチェリー  レインガム

Panpucherī reingamu

From English name

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