He is a character within the game of Sugar Rush. His candy theme is Sour Punch, and his signature kart is the Sour Power. He is a recolor of Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey.


Puncher "Bolts" Sourtaste: Not So Sour

"Puncher "Bolts" Sourtaste is the sour boy he may seem, he is the kindness race in all of Sugar Rush. He is fast too, he can double lap you and you won't ever know it till the end of the race and he won. He is as fast as lightning."


He has fair skin and yellow wavy hair that falls onto his shoulders. His eyes are a light green. He wears a yellow beanie. His blazer is a shining bright yellow with white accents, and matching pants. The bottoms are cuffed and he wears yellow boots. Beneath his jacket he wears a yellow shirt; it bears a similar pattern to his hat.


  • His catchphrase is, "Don't Be Sour!"
  • His Power-up is a Sour Punch, a bunch of Sour Punch Straws made into a fist that acts like the Ice Cream Cannon.
  • He is mainly friends with Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey and his girlfriend Sticky Wipplesnit. His girlfriend is Minty Zaki. He usually races with all of them together.


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