Purpledith Strawcandace is a fanon Sugar Rush character created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan. Her theme is grape and strawberry, and her signature kart is the Purple Straw.
Unnamed racer

Purpledith's current design


Purpledith Strawcandace: Queen of Purple Stripes

"Purpledith loves anything about purple stripes, and her kart was also filled with purple strips. She was also known as Queen of Purple Stripes, because of her stripe-ness."


Purpledith was the newest racer that comes to Sugar Rush, and of course, when she doesn't have an excellent handling like the other racers, Taffyta bullies her. Purpledith just ignore her, and just trying her best to race. When she becomes a best racer, she replies back what Taffyta did. Taffyta was confused after she was bullied and the other racers don't protect her, instead laughing at her. Finally she and Purpledith becomes close friends, also with Vanellope, too. She, Grenny von Chocolaty and Cakemop McCream are friends. She and Glaze Wonderglitter are also friends. But, she and Strawbetty Muttonfudge are top rivals. She actually spends her time for racing. She is one of the members of Sugary Girls club/fraternity. Purpledith also loves to spend time spying.


"Hi Grenny!"

"No, I love stripes. Purple stripes."

"Ugghh, you'll see Strawbetty!!" (yelling at Strawbetty)

"Hi Taffy, wanna hang out?"

"You're the best president evah, Vanellope!"

"Who doesn't love frosted chocolate cake, anyway?" (to Cakemop)

"Uh, yea? This was annoying!"

"I told you, not to bully someone."

With Glaze: P: HIYAA! G: AAAHH! You're scaring me, don't you????"

"I wanna spy I wanna spy!"

"How many times I have to tell you, not to put this garbage in front of my kart?!?!?!?!"


  • Her name was suggested by Wreck-ItEve105.
  • She resembles Edith Gru from Despicable Me.


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