Quack (1)

Quack's doll by Metzco Toys

Quack is a racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game),she is unlocked from the start of the game.She is best friends with Revenent and Frozen Charlotte.

Death Certificate

This little ducky got dizzy

After she drank a cup of tea.

Next her limbs became heavy

And then she just couldn't see.

Soon all she longed for was sleep

Heavy, eternally dark, and deep.


Quack: The pecking to death child

Quack may have got dizzy. Quack may have died, but that doesn't stop her from raising her dead life.The yank of her racing kart's brake, a wild quacking of the young girl herself. Quack was fleeing out of her racing kart, straight towards the golden blood-filled trophy, but before she could get her hands on it, Queen Creepy stopped her instantly, saying "Tut tut tut my young quacking spooky child, you have to be patient, until you win a race!".

Quack's racing kart

The Bleeding Beak

Quack's racing kart 'The Bleeding Beak'

The Bleeding Beak is an orange racing kart with a corner spider web and a spider web banner, with two fake spiders standing near them.It has a long beak at the front and blood pouring from the beak and orange candy wheels with black pumpkin faces on them.The beak is black and orange, with a spider hanging off the edge of it. On the orange drivers seat, there is a white speech bubble saying "Yikes!".

Memorable Quotes

  • OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Betsy the glitchie!
  • Is that you? Princess?
  • Trick or Beak! (Her cathphrase)


  • Her story line is similar to Snowanna Rainbeau from Sugar Rush.
  • She died from drinking a cup of tea,because she was allergic to tea and it made her pass out.

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