Queen Creepy's doll made by Metzco Toys.

"'Welcome my loyal scary subjects to the Rising Of The Dead race. Our fist contestant!'"
―Queen Creepy
Queen Creepy is the former leader of the Living Dead Raceaway (Game), her real name is Agrat. She made Princess Betsy Anne Zombielina a glitch and locked away all of the other Living Dead racers memories (similar to what King Candy did to Vanellope Von Schweetz) Queen Creepy has a crush on King Candy from Sugar Rush.

Death Certificate

All hail the queen of the western quarter

The bringer of deception, chaos and disorder

We summon thee, agrat-bat- mahlaht

We have drawn this circle for you to arrive at

We summon thee, we summon thee

Arise mistress of the sorceress and hear our plea

We summon thee, We summon thee


Queen Creepy:Queen of the midnight black blood

Agrat disguised herself as Queen Creepy to find a game to rule, then she found the Living Dead Raceaway. She walked in to rule it, until she found out that an adorable little zombie girl called Princess Betsy Anne Zombielina already ruled the game, so she threw a bucket of blood on the Princess' code and poor little Betsy turned into a glitch. As Queen Creepy locked away every single person in the Living Dead kingdom's memories away, so they would all bully little Betsy.

Queen Creepy's racing kart


Queen Creepy's racing kart (The Blood-Good Royal)

Queen Creepy's racing kart is called the Blood-Good Royal.It is a ghostly grey and it has splatters of blood on it, but when at the end the truth is finally revealed that Betsy was the Living Dead kingdom's Princess, the racing kart belongs to Princess Betsy as well as Princess Betsy's Ghost-Kart.


  • She died from getting her soul sucked out by the demon.
  • Her storyline is very similar to King Candy's.
  • Her racing kart 'Blood-Good Royal' is a grey recolour with blood on,of King Candy's racing kart.

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