Game None

Sugar Rush (formerly)

Minecraft (suggested)

Actor No-one
Profession Virus

Racer (formerly)

Location The internet

Project Econet

Sugar Rush (formerly)

Minecraft (shortly)

Nyan Cat 2: Lost in space (shortly)

Involvement Deuteragonist
Pictures of Rachel/Fudgemellow Hardcore
Rachel is a character in Cynder Rush's fanfic, Sugar Rush 2: Return of the king. She was a computer virus who escaped into Sugar Rush when the computer was plugged in to charge. Because she is a virus she hurt everyone she touches, except for Vanellope because she is a glitch. King Candy and Antifreeze, the Dark One of Frostbite from Dragon's Peak, want to use her to take over the arcade so her and Vanellope escape to the internet. At one point, she tries to become a racer called Fudgemellow Hardcore who's theme would be candy canes, but she messes up the scoreboard because she is a virus.


Rachel wears a ripped black hoodie with a skull and lightning bolts on. Her jeans are ripped too and she wears a red braclet with red shoes to match. Her hair is long and black with white stripes and has three freckles on each cheek. She looks human, but has pointed fangs and glowing red eyes. As Fudgemellow, she has a red skirt made out of a cupcake wrapper, a red and white Sugar Rush style jacket with candy canes and the letters FH for Fudgemellow Hardcore on the back. Underneath her jacket she wears a plain white t-shirt and on her legs she wears red and white striped taffy leggings. She still wears her red shoes and bracelet because they go with the red and white colour scheme. Her hair stays black and white, although you'd expect it to be red and white.



  • Her Sugar Rush racer version's theme is candy canes.
  • She doesn't have many friends because everyone in Sugar Rush is scared of her.
  • She originally had a second name, but Cynder Rush has forgotten it.
  • Despite planning on being a racer, she has no kart.
  • Because she is a Vanellope look-alike, Vanellope dresses up as Rachel (and vice versa) so Rachel can escape from King Candy.
  • After they briefly visit Minecraft, Herobrine falls in love with her.
    • He has no idea why until he hears King Candy saying about her being a virus.
  • She doesn't know that she is a virus.
  • She persuaded Tac Nayn to let her ride on him and became the only person to ever ride Tac Nayn.

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