Rain's doll by Metzco Toys

"'I don't care what they say! I was the ruler of the Living Dead Raceaway until Betsy came along! They said I was too weird to be a Princess, I will show them weird! I will get my throne back!'"
Rain is a scrapped character in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game), she is one of President Betsy Zombie's old designs. At the end her and Betsy become both great friends and Rain becomes a real racer and doesn't care that she is not the leader any more.

Death Certificate

With broken wings, and tears from sorrowful eyes, Rain got lost looking for an answer. That this world ate her soul like cancer, So rapid to move on, never willing to hear her cries.


Rain:Nothing can keep a good dark angel down!

Rain died from getting lost in woods she turned cold,hungry and thirsty,her wings were damaged and broke from the coldness,she just wanted to go home and have a better life,she died from thirst,all she wanted was a drink of warm tea.Until she woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway,and was a mistake in the system,her only friend was Frozen Charlotte, as she and her worked together to get Rain back into place of the Princess, but in the end the truth was reviled Rain was not meant to be the Princess at all, she was originally programmed to be Betsy's loyal best friend, but the reason why she turned into a glitch is because when Queen Creepy made Betsy a glitch, she made Rain one too. Because Rain was originally programmed to be the President's best friend, she would not get her memory taken away like all of the others, so this left Queen Creepy no choice but to make Rain a glitch too, and the reason why she didn't reprogram into a real racer when Betsy was revealed to be the Princess, is because Rain turned miserable ever since Rain discovered she was a glitch and hid away in the Zombie Mountain.

Lonely Lily

A sneak peak of the Lonely Lily

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