rainbella de-skittles is a fan character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher. she is a racer in sugar rush, her theme is skittles and her kart is the rainbow-blast.


rainbella is a young girl with fair skin and grey eyes, she has rainbow coloured hair with the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. her hair has skittles in it.

she wears a rainbow sleevless top and a rainbow skirt with a black belt, she wears rainbow leggings. the right leg red, orange and yellow, and the left leg green, blue and purple.

while racing, she wears rainbow skittle goggles with a bright black strap.

kart: the rainbow-blast

the rainbow-blast is a packet of normal skittles with four different coloured skittles for the wheels, red (front left wheel), green (front right wheel), blue (back left wheel) and purple (back right wheel).


  • she may be based off the my little pony friendship is magic character rainbow dash
  • she has a cousin called rainbowsa smarties

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