rainbowsa smarties is a fan character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher. she is a character in the game sugar rush, her theme is smarties and her kart is the smartie-kartie.


rainbowsa is a young girl who is over weight and has fair skin, she has blue eyes and blue hair filled with smarties. she wears a white t-shirt with colourful spots on them with a blue jacket and a dark orange skirt, she wears bright blue leggings with brown shoes and a purple scarf.

while racing, she wears a blue helmet that resembles a smartie tube with a bright orange visor.

kart: the smartie-kartie

the smartie-kartie's body is a smartie tube with the lid of the tube as the seat, the wheels are blue and orange smarties. the sides and front of the kart is covered with smarties like armour.


  • rainbowsa loves eating candy, it may explain her weight
  • when ever someone is being helpfully smart or boasting she calls them a 'smartie-pants'
  • her best friends are candlehead and crumbelina
  • she has a cousin called rainbella de-skittles

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