Raquel Glowrock (or Rocky to her friends) is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.
Raquel Glowrock
Raquel - Request
Full Name

Raquel Glowrock





Date of Birth

August 3rd

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Confectionery Raceway





Andy Glowrock and Lizzie Glowrock


Twirlet Bassetto , Strawbetty Muttonfudge , Popcillia Icebow , Gumberley Balldroppers

Portrayed By

Katherine McNamara

She is a racer who is known to be confident ,unkind,  full of herself and callous and likes to belittle others and she seems to be a rival to Floss and her best friend is Twirlet.

Her Theme is Rocky road and Rock candies and her kart is the Road Rocker.


Raquel Glowrock is a mean racer and a bully who picks on weaker characters . She has no interest in any other racers other than herself .She has a large temper on her and will lash it out at anyone who tries to or does defy her.

Her racing skills are unpredictable, she's always has a trick or two up her sleeve. She would stop a nothing to get the trophy even if it means intimidating and hurting other racers. She may not be the best but she won't go easy on other competitors.

Despite being self-centered , she admires her best friend and fellow bully Twirlet (despite her playful attitude and the fact that sometimes she uses Twirlet just to get what she wants) and some other bullies.


Raquel is very cunning and mischievous, she seems to act like the queen bee of Sugar Rush and is a bit spoiled and selfish. She has a real attitude and will make anyone's life a misery if she has to.

She and Floss are rivals in both racing and bullying because Raquel thinks Floss is just an excuse of a bully and a terrible racer and person.

Raquel is very self absorbed and vain , she likes to spend more time making her appearance great than anything else excluding racing.


  • Well, well, well. If it isn't Flossface! *To Floss*
  • I'm the best and nobody else!
  • Pfft , you think you can beat me , keep dreaming Cotton Wannabe !*To Floss*

​Names in other languages


Name Meaning
French Gâutinne Ragleausée From "gâteau" (cake)" and "réglisse" (licorice)

Crystallina Azucatine

From "cristal" (crystal) and "azúcar" (sugar)
Dutch Taarplette Nagertje

From "taart" (pie) and "nagerecht" (dessert)



  • She was named after Raquel Blue from Disney Channel's Shake It Up 
  • She seems to like chewing gum alot. She is often seen blowing it.
  • Her art was done by Sweet Eve.
  • Like Raquel Blue , her nickname is Rocky .

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