Rasberrylina Bing-Bing
Rasberrylina Bing-Bing is Jubileena's older sister she is very serious in racing

she always get 2nd place

Contents: 1.Appearance 2.Bio 3.Quotes 4.Her Kart 5.Trivia


She wears Pink Jacket,White T-Shirt with 2 pink cherries,her leggings are pink and violet,she wears pink hat,she wears pink shoes,her helmet is pink and her visor is light pink


Rasberrylina Bing-Bing:Serious as racing She is very serious during racing she always get 2nd place Her kart is very fast


  • Taffyta got 2nd place while racing* Not on my watch taste my sweet seeker
  • Taffyta got hit by sweet racer* Bye Bye Taffyta
  • Taffyta falls on the Red Velvet Cupcake with Candlehead and Rancis* See you are not serious
  • Saw Citrusella* She just look like me but I am more good at racing
  • My name is Rasberrylina Bing-Bing
  • Turns evil gets on Citrusella's kart* Why are you copying my and kart * Destroys Citrusella's Blueberriot*
  • Evil Rasberrylina saw Jubileena* back off you little red copier!!
  • Turns Normal* what happened?
  • Turns evil again* I'm going to destroy all of you!

Her Kart: Her kart's name is Rasberriot her kart is ver fast


  • Her bestfriend is Crumbelina
  • Her kart is 100% fast
  • Some racers call her the serious racer
  • One time she got 1st place
  • Some racers compete with her for practice
  • She is always seen in the roster
  • She is voiced by Amber Liu
  • She is Korean

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