Raspaberla V.2

By Sweet Eve

Raspaberla Berrytop is a Fanon Character. She's a racer in the game Sugar Rush: New Generation.

Character Bio

Raspaberla is that shy girl, who doesn't talks, and who always tries to win, but always fail. She was programed to be a good racer, but with all the bullying, she turned into the worst racer.

Her dream was not to race, but to fly. She drives a plane, as that means that she really wanted to make her dreams true, a thing that never happened.

She is the main racer bullied in Sugar Rush: New Generation, Strawbetty takes that, and makes her life to be a nightmare.

She dosen't even has a catchphrase or a motto. She's too shy to say anything in front of the other racers and in front of the public.


Rasspaberla used to be owned by Sweet Eve,but is now owned by Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD.



  • The name Raspaberla comes from Raspaberry, that is her theme.
  • She dosen't hate Strawbetty, while Strawbetty hates her at the point to sabotage her.
  • She is a contestant on Total Wreck Island.

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