Redd Velvetine

Redd Velvetine is a character from Sugar Rush Reloaded and a racer in the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. His theme is red velvet cake and his kart is the Ruby Speedster. His personal track is the Velvet Plaza.


Redd Velvetine: "One Smooth Bro"

Redd is a very chilled, down-to-earth kind of guy. He always prefers to go for the positives and the up sides. Redd doesn't like any form of negativity as he feels that it will only weigh one down.


Redd is a tall boy with dark brown skin and short red and white dreadlocks. His right eye is gray and his left eye is light blue. He wears a salmon colored shirt with a slice of red velvet cake on it. His racing jacket is red with a white collar and dark red cuffs with white swirls. He wears a coral belt, dark red pants with red socks, a white swirl on each sock and white shoes. His racing helmet is red with a clear visor.


Redd's laid back and relaxed personality has made him very popular among his fellow racers. He always has something to smile about and even losing a race won't phase him. He doesn't like any form of negativity as he feels that it might throw him off, so he'll do his best to make his friends happy. Redd is not above getting angry but the day he did, it was stated to have been quite terrifying.



His kart is the Ruby Speedster.

Special Ability


Lindal Chocolen : Redd is Lindal's best friend and often likes to hang out with hir and Ginger to explore their tracks.

Ginger Pumpkinspice : Ginger is his best friend and he has strong feelings for her. The two always get flustered when they're around each other.

Geminia Dazzler : Redd avoids her as much as possible as he sees her as a source of major negativity. 

Rollmin Swirlsting : Redd has tried to avoid Rollmin on numerous occassions but the latter would not stop out of pure amusement. It was stated that Rollmin was the reason Redd lost his temper one day, and things escalated to where Redd had to be restrained before things got worse. 


His theme is red velvet cake.


  • His fans are anthropomorphic red velvet bon bons.
  • Redd happens to be the older and recoded version of Neo, as most evident by their matching eye colors. He lacks Neo's shyness but is still just as friendly and sweet. One of his alternate outfits is that of Neo's default one. 

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