Riceyne Swhites is a racer in Asukar Rush. She was made by User:Ggghhj123

Riceyne Swhites


Riceyne Swhites:Pure White Soul Riceyne is a pretty loving girl who loves racing and ice cream. Racers describe here as pure and honest. She loves volunteering her time to give others her service and full attention. Nothing can stop this thoughtful little girl who loves winter. Watch out, when racing she will pass you before you could say What!


  • Her first name is a combination of rice and Francine and her last name is a combination of sweets and white.
  • She is based off of Rice cake.
  • She name her kart the Pure Power. 
  • Her first name was "Ricanne".
  • Her name in japanese could be "ラーイシヌー スアイーツ".


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