Riley Murderbutter

Riley Murderbutter is a racer in Sugar Rush. She is the younger sister of Riller Murderbutter.


Riley:The Red Blood Rebel!

Running through a field,screaming in pain,moaning from ghosts,down dark scary old Cherry Lane,jumping and dodging finding her way home Riley feeling insane.

Her time with her brother Riller

Riley and Riller were just normal children, filled with laughter and filled with love; it was one dark Halloween night, they went out in their Pumpkin orange jackets and ties, they had a great time trick or treating until...their school bully came, caused them pain, by throwing them into the drain and poured dangerous chemicals into the drain with them and their bodies and clothes and hair all bleached, they discovered a knife and they decided they wanted to eat...a human treat!

Memorable Quotes

  • Nice to EAT you,I mean MEET you!
  • You have a nice taste! I mean...face!


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