" Salt Rush Speedway " is a game developed and released by Tobikomi Of America, Inc in 2000, exclusively for PlayStation. The game is a spin-off of " Sugar Rush Speedway " (1997), one of the most popular games of the 90s. Despite the large number of players, Salt Rush Speedway did not succeed, because the graphics were low quality.


" From the creators of ' Sugar Rush Speedway ',


Salt Rush is a kart racing game which features colorful 3D and HD graphics. As it is a racing game, racers must race through large areas of saltys, pizzas and salami [1]. The speedway itself is filled with exciting twists and turns like Olive [2] Gorge and Pieway. It has many attractions like Tube Mustard Mountain , King Salty's Castle and the Salt Rush Speedway.

Salt Rush greatly resembles many Japanese-exclusive arcade games.


Playable The game features many colorful, salty racers to choose from (Referred to as "children of the roast corn" by Ralph as a reference to the 80's horror movie, Children Of The Corn). Each has a specific snack theme and a go-kart made entirely of snacks, salt crackers, or other saltys. Inside the reality of the game itself, the racers seem to have established a sort of pecking order determined by who the best racers are.  The characters, with the exception of the Recolor Racers, have high standards and openly display signs of xenophobia also (Intense/irrational dislike or fear of foreigners) as they show hostility towards outsiders from other games, like Vanellope.  

  • Palmellope Von Saltyz (Rightful and current ruler of the game) 
  • King Salty (Formely the ruler,deceased)
  • Cucumfyta Muttonsauce
  • Salamihead
  • Katie-Chup
  • Hamcis RostterButter
  • Floyd Yellowboar
  • Cornanna Yellowbeau
  • Soupelina DiTommato
  • Frenchesco The "Frie" Chup
  • Burgerbeezle Hotmeat
  • Hotleena Dog-Dog
  • Olivia Olives

 Recolored / Alternate Racers

  • Peanna Greenbeau (green Cornanna recolor)
  • Potatia McFrie (gold Oliveta recolor)
  • Tacolana Flavorstain (red Burgerbeezle recolor)
  • Lena Pies (beige Oliveta recolor)
  • Saltella Saltpucker (white Hotleena Dog-Dog recolor


Within the realm of Salt Rush, there are characters who have lesser roles than the racers. These characters are usually seen attending the races as spectators or are otherwise employees/minions of the ruler.

  • Salt Crackers Guards
  • The Hot-Dogs
  • Salt Rush Citzens (Racer's Fans) 

Race Tracks

  • " Salty Ride "
  • " Cheese Ball Camp "
  • " Patty Paradise "
  • " Hot Dog Highway "
  • " Tomato Soup Lake "
  • " Bacon Road "
  • " Salami Slop "
  • " Ham Hall "
  • " Pickles Jungle "
  • " Pizza Passage "
  • " Peperonni City "
  • " Pasta Maze "
  • " Cockyleeky Ocean "
  • " Salt Rush Speedway "

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