Samantha Sprinkle Tart is a new racer in Sugar Rush she is beautiful she hangs out with her best friend Tara Misu.


She wears pink t-shirt with purple necktie she wears purple jacket she wears pink skirt she wears pink hat with purple stripe she wears pink long socks she wears purple shoes her hair is long and its color is pink and her eyes are pink.


Samantha PinkTart 

Beautiful but nice: she is nice even she helps racers if they are in trouble she is also honest if there is wrong she will tell it to the president.


  • Yey! I got 1st place.
  • Congratulations Tara Misu for being 3rd place.
  • Lets go to the mall
  • Talking to Coblette McPeachie* I don't care if I lose what matter is we enjoy it.
  • Yey!


  • She likes to go to the mall if its not time for racing.
  • Her kart name is Sprinkle Kart
  • Her Original name should be Frizzy Cream
  • She is being bullied by Coblette McPeachie

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